Adverse Weather

Adverse Weather

Course Description:

This course will review operations in cold weather environments including the effects of ice on an aircraft’s performance and control, the methods of cleaning the aircraft of ice, and methods to keep it clean, and what you, as a flight crew member, should know about the potential runway contamination hazards. Lastly, we will look at how to avoid the hazards associated with flying around thunderstorms.

Platforms And Use:

This course is delivered on the CPaT Approach LMS and CPaT Mobile Application and can be operated on PC, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Android computers, tablets and devices. This course can be used both online and offline and will synchronize when connectivity is re-established.

Regulatory Compliance:

This online aviation course meets FAA, ICAO and DGCA requirements and it complies with IOSA Standards.

adverse weather training course - operations and contaminated runways

adverse weather training course - operations in cold weather conditions
adverse weather training course - thunderstorm avoidance