Cold Weather Operations

Cold Weather Operations

Course Description:

This cold weather operations course covers airframe icing, induction icing, preflight preparation, in-flight management and considers aircraft incidents where icing was a contributing factor. This cold weather operations aviation course is separated into 5 modules. The program provides approximately 4 hours of interactive training on this system. This CBT provides complete systems training by use of text, audio, graphic animations, and level 3 interactive training providing the highest level of learning. Each online flight training module has its own knowledge assessment to evaluate the understanding of the lesson.

Platforms And Use:

This course is delivered on the CPaT Approach LMS and CPaT Mobile Application and can be operated on PC, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Android computers, tablets and devices. This course can be used both online and offline and will synchronize when connectivity is re-established.

Regulatory Compliance:

This online aviation course meets FAA, ICAO and DGCA requirements and it complies with IOSA Standards.

Cold weather operations training course slide showing the examples of the different types of icing hazards an aircraft faces

Cold weather operations training course slide showing a diagram example of engine inlet icing
Cold weather operations training course slide showing an airliner on the runway amid heavy snowfall