General Subject Training That Every Pilot Needs

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Learning how to fly a plane — crucial.

Earning a type rating in order to fly a specific aircraft — essential.

Knowing not just how to fly, but how to fly in low visibility — irreplaceable.

The latter is one aspect of aviation training that sometimes gets overlooked. While much of the focus is, for good reason, placed on knowing how to operate an aircraft and all of its systems, much of the preparation is done in ideal conditions.

But the simple fact of the matter is, “ideal conditions” is a term rarely heard or spoken in the world of aviation. That’s why recurrent, computer-based training for pilots on general subjects like low visibility flight conditions is so valuable.

At CPaT Global, our CBT aviation training solutions extend further than anyone else’s. Not only do we offer comprehensive distance learning for pilots and commercial airlines who need initial and recurrent training for certain aircraft, but we also have a vast range of general subjects which are vital for any pilot who is looking to become more well-rounded and experienced.

Here are a few crucial general subject training programs that every pilot should have.

Low Visibility

Chances are, at some point every pilot will have to fly in low visibility conditions. Whether it’s due to darkness, weather elements, or something else entirely, having the ability to navigate through low visibility is practical for maximum safety.

Our CBT aviation low visibility training modules use text, animations, and interactive programs which help the pilot achieve the highest level of learning.

Cold Weather Operations

Believe it or not, the weather can have a huge impact on flight preparation and navigation. Having the skills to operate an aircraft in cold weather conditions is vital to the safety and success of your pilots.

A online cold weather training program can help pilots learn the ins and outs of airframe icing, preflight prep, in-flight management, and more.

Fatigue Risk Management

Pilots are always on the go. It’s an unavoidable, yet dangerous, part of the job. In order to better prepare your pilots for this part of the job, our CBT aviation training module for fatigue risk management is key.

In this class, pilots will understand the causes of pilot fatigue as well as how to properly navigate through these fatigue-related risks.

Weather Radar Reading

Do your pilots know how to properly read and operate a weather radar? This is a crucial skill to have as a pilot, allowing them to understand and alter their flight path based on not only the current conditions, but also on the upcoming forecast along the way.

Our CBT aviation training program for weather radar operations includes two modules which cover radar principles, operation, rules, and procedures.

Additional Subjects

There are no shortage of CBT aviation courses out there to help equip pilots with the knowledge and skills necessary for almost any scenario. At CPaT Global, our general subject courses also include:

Get equipped and ready to fly with CBT aviation courses from CPaT Global today.

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