1. The Dangers Of Pilot Fatigue & How To Prevent It

    Pilot life can be exhausting. From long duty days, time zone changes, and busy traveling schedules, it’s no wonder that pilots are so vulnerable to fatigue. Unfortunately, when it comes to the aviation industry, pilots cannot afford to feel fatigued, as their ability to perform their tasks is absolutely critical. In today’s blog, we are going to explore pilot fatigue and share some helpful tip…Read More

  2. Online Aviation Training: Hot Temperature Operations

    How does temperature affect aircraft performance? Back in January, we shared some helpful tips for flying in cold weather. Today, in the heat of July, we are excited to share with you some information on our hot temperature online aviation training courses and tips for performing hot temperature operations. Let’s dive in. First, let’s start off with a fun fact. Airplanes perform better in cold…Read More

  3. Why Should You Become A Pilot?

    Does the idea of soaring through the skies excite you? Do you dream of flying for a commercial airline, transporting eager passengers to new heights and foreign lands they previously only saw on TV? Then becoming a pilot just might be the right career move for you. In this blog, we’ll be providing a few reasons why you should become a pilot, from the opportunity to fly with some of the biggest n…Read More

  4. General Subject Training That Every Pilot Needs

    Learning how to fly a plane — crucial. Earning a type rating in order to fly a specific aircraft — essential. Knowing not just how to fly, but how to fly in low visibility — irreplaceable. The latter is one aspect of aviation training that sometimes gets overlooked. While much of the focus is, for good reason, placed on knowing how to operate an aircraft and all of its systems, much of the p…Read More

  5. The Advantages Of Distance Learning For Pilots

    We’re well into the 21st century by now, which means having 21st century solutions to our everyday tasks is an absolute necessity. Online aviation courses for pilots and commercial airlines present a vital solution that is built not just for the 21st century, but also beyond. With online aviation courses, also known as distance learning, airlines and their pilots have access to the essential cou…Read More

  6. Aviation Training For The Modern Pilot

    For years, we’ve heard that there’s got to be a better way when it comes to aviation training. Now there is. With CPaT Global, your pilots and your company can get aviation training for the modern era. Our online aviation courses and learning management system are second to none when it comes to advanced online flight training, type rating training, distance learning, and a whole lot more. Our…Read More

  7. What Is A Type Rating?

    Remember when you first learned how to drive? It took some time to go log all of the training hours, driver’s education classes, and finally earn your permit. Then, the time finally came for you to pass your driving test — and you did it! Finally, you were able to earn your driver’s license. But imagine if that license only qualified you to operate one type of car — say, a Ford Fusion (or …Read More

  8. Training For Cold Weather Operations

    As a pilot, whether you are an individual private pilot or as a part of a larger commercial operation, flying in cold weather operations is inevitable. No matter where you reside, chances are you will have to navigate through cold, wintery weather at some point or another. That’s why it’s important to train for cold weather operations — and the best way you can do that is through our online …Read More

  9. How CBT Aviation Courses Can Help Your Company

    Technology is everywhere. It’s how we get up in the morning. It’s how we get to work. It’s how we do our jobs. It’s the primary way in which we communicate and interact with one another. Technology is even what allows you to read this blog right now. The wonder of modern technology continues to advance and amaze, even as these words are being typed. Everyday, something new and exciting is …Read More

  10. Where To Find Online Aviation Courses

    When it comes to aviation training, there aren’t very many practical solutions which you can count on to be there when it’s convenient for you, your pilots, or your airline. Here at CPaT, we saw a need. While in-person aviation training has always been the standard, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to go through the necessary programs on your own time? Whether it’s a type rating trai…Read More