1. What Is A Type Rating?

    Remember when you first learned how to drive? It took some time to go log all of the training hours, driver’s education classes, and finally earn your permit. Then, the time finally came for you to pass your driving test — and you did it! Finally, you were able to earn your driver’s license. But imagine if that license only qualified you to operate one type of car — say, a Ford Fusion (or …Read More

  2. Training For Cold Weather Operations

    As a pilot, whether you are an individual private pilot or as a part of a larger commercial operation, flying in cold weather operations is inevitable. No matter where you reside, chances are you will have to navigate through cold, wintery weather at some point or another. That’s why it’s important to train for cold weather operations — and the best way you can do that is through our online …Read More

  3. How CBT Aviation Courses Can Help Your Company

    Technology is everywhere. It’s how we get up in the morning. It’s how we get to work. It’s how we do our jobs. It’s the primary way in which we communicate and interact with one another. Technology is even what allows you to read this blog right now. The wonder of modern technology continues to advance and amaze, even as these words are being typed. Everyday, something new and exciting is …Read More

  4. Where To Find Online Aviation Courses

    When it comes to aviation training, there aren’t very many practical solutions which you can count on to be there when it’s convenient for you, your pilots, or your airline. Here at CPaT, we saw a need. While in-person aviation training has always been the standard, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to go through the necessary programs on your own time? Whether it’s a type rating trai…Read More

  5. Why Online Aviation Courses Are The Future of Aviation Training

    Now, Like Never Before We live in a remarkable time. Whatever our personal opinions on the state of the world may be, we’d be hardpressed to find someone who can deny the growing connectedness of the world in which we live. Today, teachers in Brooklyn are educating students in rural Africa via online high school courses; luthiers in suburban Portland share their craft with aspiring musicians on …Read More

  6. Top Three Reasons to Choose Online Aviation Courses

    Before You Take Off It can often be difficult to find a flight training center near you, especially if you live far from any commercial, regional, or smaller airfield. Since 1994, CPaT Global has provided aviation learning solutions to airlines and aviation professionals the world over, providing them with the information they need to learn the ins and outs of commanding the world’s most popular…Read More

  7. Our General Aviation Training Subjects

    Continuously Climbing CPaT has long offered online aviation courses for specific aircraft manufacturers. Similarly, we offer computer-based training programs for general subjects with which pilots are most likely to come into contact. Curious about for which subjects CPaT has crafted user-friendly online pilot training programs? Continue reading below to learn more about how CPaT’s proprietary o…Read More

  8. An Overview of Our Boeing and Airbus Pilot Courses

    Never Before, and Not Since Since 1994, CPaT has been offering industry-leading Computer-Based Training courses for the world’s most in-demand aircraft, with major companies such as Boeing , Airbus, ATR, Embraer, Fokker, and McDonnell Douglas among them. Each of these online aviation courses is designed to give you the tools needed to master your chosen aircraft, resulting in meeting all regulat…Read More

  9. CPaT Global Starts production of B737 Max Course

    Houston, Texas USA – CPaT Global, LLC (CPaT), the world's leading provider of distance learning courses for the airline and aviation industries, is excited to announce that it has commenced production of courseware in support of the B737 MAX. This new course will utilize Boeing technical data available through CPaT’s license agreement with The Boeing Company. The B737 NG to B737 MAX difference…Read More

  10. CPaT Global Releases A320 to A320neo Differences Course

    Houston, Texas USA – CPaT Global, the world's leading company in aviation distance learning is excited to Announce the A320neo Differences Course is available NOW and the A320neo full systems Course (Available 2nd quarter 2017).   Capt. Greg Darrow, CPaT Global’s VP of Sales and Marketing, stated, “CPaT is please to happy to be the first Aviation CBT company providing the A320 neo Diffe…Read More