Cockpit Procedures Training

Course Description

CPaT’s Cockpit Procedures Trainer is an immersive, three-dimensional cockpit ideal for flow training. The Cockpit Procedures Trainer comes pre-loaded with standard procedures specific to the OEM Flight Crew Operating Manual. These procedures are perfect for teaching students essential triggers and flows before beginning expensive simulator training. Availability of Three Use Modes: Instruction (Demo Mode), Practice (Practice Mode), and Assess (Perform Mode), allows students to practice and master key skills and allows instructors to confirm that knowledge has been retained. Using CPaT’s content creation and editing capability, airlines are free to develop new lessons tailored to your specific needs and make real-time modifications on-demand. You have the power to control your training. Airlines are free to modify or enhance existing CPaT lessons to match specific needs.

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Now Available

  • A220
  • A320 Enhanced
  • A320 NEO
  • A330
  • B737 NG
  • B737 MAX
  • B747-400F
  • B747-8F
  • B757-200F
  • B777
  • B787
  • ERJ145
  • E175
  • E190

Coming Soon

  • ATR 72-500
  • ATR 72-600
  • B737 Classic
  • B747-400 Enhanced
  • B767-300
  • CRJ 900
  • Q400
Boeing 737 NG cockpit descent flow checklist diagramCockpit Procedures Course Example
A220 Cockpit diagram

Key Features Include

  • Leverage pre-set course structure and slide templates, or free form design
  • Make changes on-demand for immediate availability
  • Modify CPaT content or individual airline content
  • Edit with full authoring control (add, delete, modify)
  • Apply personalization and your training culture to CPaT courseware
  • Access to CPaT library of aviation imagery and assets
  • Personalize with company reference material (documents, pictures, video)
  • Simple drag and drop slide sorting capability
  • Modify existing text or create alternative text selections allowing for specialized instruction and multi-language
  • Allows for multiple audio alternatives
  • Three Use Modes: Instruction (Demo Mode), Practice (Practice Mode), Assess (Perform Mode)

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