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CPaT Instruct

CPaT’s Cabin Crew Training Suite Overview Video

Introduction to CPaT’s Interactive 3D Cabin Trainer

CPaT Instruct Portfolio Overview Video

CPaT Instruct Aircraft Systems Product Demo

CPaT Instruct Interactive Diagrams Product Demo

CPaT Instruct Aircraft Procedures Product Demo

Aircraft Procedures: 3D Cockpit Trainer Demo

Aircraft Procedures: 3D Walk Around Trainer Demo

Aircraft Procedures: FMS Skills Trainer Demo

CPaT’s General Subject Portfolio

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CPaT Invent

CPaT Invent Overview

Top 5 Features of CPaT Invent

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CPaT Access

CPaT Access LMS Documents Feature

CPaT Access LMS Evaluations Feature

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CPaT Discover On-Demand Webinars

CPaT Discover – CPaT Invent Overview

CPaT Discover – Unlock Your Training Potential with CPaT Invent

CPaT Discover – Avoiding Negative Training

CPaT Inspire On-Demand Webinars


Overview of the CPaT Exam System
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Documents and Evaluations Feature
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CPaT Invent:

Get Started with Invent
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How to Edit a Cabin Crew General Subject
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Navigating Hotspots and Timeline
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Power Point Importer
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Interactive 3D Cabins
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Spanish Webinars: