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First-of-a-kind, Software Platform that Empowers the Trainer

Because airlines have highly specialized needs ranging from multiple airframes, unique operating procedures, regulatory differences, and the need for ongoing modifications and tailored training programs, existing distance learning training platforms have limitations that fail to meet the needs of individual training providers. That’s how CPaT Invent was born.

CPaT Invent 3D Cockpit

Key Features

  • Easily edit CPaT’s courseware, or your own, with CPaT Invent
  • Tailor specific to your airframe, operating procedures, regulatory differences, etc.
  • Upload reference material, images, video, and illustrations
  • Access CPaT’s library of aviation training imagery and assets to enhance your presentations
  • Provide instruction in different formats, including: 2-D (Aircraft Systems and Aviation Specialty Courses),
    keypad (FMS Skills), 3-D (Cockpit Procedures and Walk Around Training); extend to Virtual Reality (Coming Soon)
  • Enhance text and audio, including modification, alternative versions, and multi-language

Invent is Aviation Training, Reimagined

In an industry where the answer seems to be ‘no, you can’t,’ CPaT Invent turns that into ‘yes, you can.’ Divided into three pillars, Content Design, Content Enhancement, and Content Control – Invent truly empowers the trainer like no other distance learning training platform.

  • Pre-set course structure and slide templates or free form design
  • Simple drag and drop slide sorting capabilities
  • On-demand changes for immediate availability to students
  • Demonstration mode, Practice mode and Perform or test mode
  • Edit with full authoring control
  • Apply your training culture to CPaT courses
  • Manage ongoing activity and maintain version control
Adding New Page Types in CPaT Invent

CPaT Invent is Continuously Evolving …

Our team of aviation experts, instructional designers and software engineers are continuously adding new features and enhancements to CPaT Invent to take your training to the next level.

Latest Product Enhancements/Releases

PPT / Storyline Importer – Now, save time by uploading your existing PowerPoint or Storyline content into CPaT Invent. This new enhancement helps airlines convert their existing training quickly and easily, and opens up a new world of possibilities inside CPaT invent

Machine Translation and Text to Speech – Now, training administrators can offer a second language option for text and audio translation. First, select a desired language to translate CPaT’s English narration. Then, easily convert those narrations also to audio narration. From the student’s perspective – they simply train in English and toggle to their native language.

Depicts PPT Slide uploaded to CPaT Invent via
PPT Importer

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