LMS/TMS Integration

Many organizations already have an established enterprise level Learning Management System or Training Management System that they would like to use in conjunction with CPaT’s content. CPaT can integrate our Approach LMS and content with any 3rd party system that can either provide an API or consume an API provided by CPaT. This communication must be done over the internet with HTTPs.

Integration is completed in a series of consecutive phases, with each building on the last.

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In this phase, CPaT will send completion data from the Approach LMS to the 3rd party system. This data will consist of User ID, Course Code, Course Name, Completion Date, Score (if applicable), Number of Attempts, and Time in Course.

The exact format of the data will depend on the 3rd party receiving the data. In most cases, CPaT will push the data to the 3rd party system when a student has completed an assignment.

Phase Two – User Data Transfer

In this phase, the 3rd party system sends user data to CPaT in the form of new users and users to remove. The data transferred will consist of user email, first name, last name, and initial password for additions. For removals, the data will simply be user email.

Phase Three – Single Sign On

The final integration phase is single sign on. In this phase, CPaT works with the 3rd party to establish a single sign on capability where the 3rd party system is the master system that controls the user passwords.

Because different systems have different technical requirements and implementations, exact timelines and costs for integration are handled on a case by case basis.

LMS / TMS Integration
LMS / TMS Integration