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CPaT’s Instruct Knowledge Materials is the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of Pilot Training Courses, Interactive Diagrams, and Procedures Trainers. In addition, CPaT's portfolio also offers a suite of Cabin Crew Training Courses, including Aircraft Systems for Cabin Crew, Cabin Crew Safety Suite and General Subjects, and 3D Cabin and Door Trainers. For more details, click on each Instruct tile below.

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Aircraft System Courses

CPaT’s Aircraft Systems courses provide systems knowledge CBT for both initial and recurrent training for most aircraft fleets.

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Aviation Specialty Courses

CPaT’s Aviation Specialty courses provide interactive and in-depth general subjects courses.

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Interactive Aircraft Diagrams

CPaT’s Interactive Diagrams provide online flight training courses that allow students and instructors to interact with cockpit controls to learn how synoptics react.

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Aircraft Procedures Training

CPaT’s Aircraft Procedures training provide realistic, procedural training, including FMS Skills keypad training, 3D Cockpits, and 3D Walk Around environments

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Cabin Crew Systems

CPaT’s Aircraft Systems for Cabin Crew courses provide fleet-specific, systems knowledge most relevant to Cabin Crew.

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Cabin Crew Safety Courses
Cabin Crew Safety

CPaT’s Cabin Crew Safety Courses provide interactive and in-depth safety and general subjects for Cabin Crew.

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3D Cabin Course
Interactive 3D Cabin Trainer

CPaT’s 3D Cabin Trainer provides realistic, procedural training for inside the cabin including galleys, doors, emergency equipment, and more.

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