Learning Management System for Online Flight Training



CPaT understands that in today’s competitive market it is important to keep training costs under control. It can be a challenge to balance the need to reduce costs while maintaining the highest quality in training. Our Distance Learning Programs and Learning Management Systems are designed to save you money. Crews spend less time away from base and can be more productive while lowering training costs. This increases efficiency while maintaining training quality and comprehension. CPaT’s Approach LMS has many robust features including:

• Company Branded LMS
• GDPR Compliant Security & Privacy
• Easy User Assignments and Navigation
• Robust Administrator Controls
• Organize Courseware and Building Curricula
• Self-Upload Your Own Content
• Student to Instructor Lesson Comments

• Student and Administrator LMS Notifications
• Dynamic Exam System
• Qualifications Tracking and Management
• Digital Grade Sheets
• Student Records and Completion Tracking
• Microsoft Azure Network
• Off-Line and On-Line Training Convenience


The CPaT Mobile Application has revolutionized how customers accomplish Distance Learning. Our easy to use application allows students both on-line and off-line access to training, offering a more convenient and productive way to study. The CPaT courseware is designed to allow training across multiple devices including iPad, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux platforms.

Students can view their training progress, launch into their online account, and best of all, take their interactive training off-line by downloading the desired material. Once downloaded, the material will be available without the need for an internet connection and can be viewed at the user’s convenience. When a connection to the web is made, the data accumulated from the downloaded content will synchronize back to the CPaT LMS automatically.


Many organizations already have an established enterprise level Learning Management System or Training Management System that they would like to use in conjunction with CPaT’s content. CPaT can integrate our Approach LMS and content with any 3rd party system that can either provide an API or consume an API provided by CPaT. This communication must be done over the internet with HTTPs. We have partnered with some of the world’s largest LMS/TMS companies, such as MINT TMS and MINT Software Systems and FOX Britannica, to connect CPaT Courses and data to their systems.

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