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Part of CPaT's Instruct Knowledge Materials, our Cabin Crew Training Suite is market-leading for distance learning in the aviation training industry. The full suite is comprised of fleet-specific, Aircraft Systems for Cabin Crew, Cabin Crew Safety Courses and General Subjects, Interactive 3D Cabin Trainers, and Interactive 3D Door Trainers.

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Cabin Crew Aircraft Systems

CPaT’s Aircraft Systems for Cabin Crew courses provide fleet-specific, systems knowledge most relevant to Cabin Crew.

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Cabin Crew Safety Courses
Cabin Crew Safety Courses

CPaT’s Cabin Crew Safety Courses provide interactive and in-depth safety and general subjects for Cabin Crew.

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3D Cabin Course
Interactive 3D Cabin Trainer

CPaT’s 3D Cabin Trainer provides realistic, procedural training for inside the cabin including galleys, doors, emergency equipment, and more.

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Now Offering Aircraft Systems for Cabin Crew

CPaT's Aircraft Systems courses for Cabin Crew offer the most relevant training courses for flight attendant training, including Lavatory, Oxygen, Galley, Lighting, Communication, Doors and Exits, and the Attendant Control Panel. Students learn how to identify the components of each system, how to use each system, and how to manage system faults and failures.

  • B737 NG
  • B737 MAX
  • A320 CEO 
  • A320 NEO 
  • A330-200 
  • B787-8/9 
  • A220 
  • B777-300 (TBD)
  • E170/175 (TBD)
  • E190/195 (TBD)                                   
  • CRJ700 (TBD
  • CRJ900 (TBD)
  • A350 (TBD)
  • ERJ 145 (TBD)
  • B757 (TBD)
  • B767 (TBD)
  • B737 Classic (TBD)
  • Q400 (TBD)
  • ATR 72/42 (TBD)
Airbus A220 3D Cockpit on CPaT Invent software

Online Cabin Crew Safety Courses and General Subjects

CPaT’s Cabin Crew Safety Courses and General subjects provide interactive and in-depth safety and other general topic lessons for online flight attendant training.

  • Safety Demonstration
  • Dangerous Goods
  • First Aid
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Security
  • Emergency Procedures

Cabin Crew Training Suite Media Gallery

Cabin Crew Training Suite

An Overview video showing CPaT's Cabin Crew Training Suite, including Interactive 3D Cabin and Door Trainers. CPaT's online courses can help with your flight attendant programs.

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