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Kris Wadenpfuhl

Director of Curriculum Development

Kris Wadenpfuhl started his aviation career in the US Air Force as aircrew onboard the E-3 AWACS. He was an Honor Graduate, 2-time Top Graduate, and a Distinguished Graduate throughout his Professional Military Education. He served as an instructor, evaluator, and training program manager during his 11 year career. He also spent over 2000 classroom hours as an instructor for the Community College of the Air Force. He joined Continental Airlines in 2007 as a B737 ground school instructor where he was handpicked to develop several aircraft systems curricula and syllabi for the Continental and United Airlines flight training departments. During this time, Kris earned his Master of Science degree in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University where he specialized in training development and adult education. Kris joined CPaT in 2017 where he is currently serving as the Director of Curriculum Development.


Mike Schuler

Boeing, Airbus, Embraer

Michael Schuler started his aviation career over 30 years ago as an aircraft dispatcher. Afterward, Michael joined Continental/United Airlines as a ground instructor, instructing on the B757, B767 and B787 aircraft.  Michael retired from United Airlines August of 2016 and joined CPaT as a full time, in-house Consultant, covering the Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787.


Bill Vaughn

30+ Years
General Subjects, Boeing

Bill Vaughn started his aviation career as a Marine Corps pilot. After leaving the Marines, Bill joined Continental Airlines where he worked for over 30 years. At Continental Bill flew B727 and B737 before becoming a ground school instructor. At Continental Bill piloted and also trained pilots on B727, B737, B757, and B767. Since retiring from United Airlines Bill has spent his time working with the Boy Scouts of America and recently started working with CPaT as a consultant on general subjects and Boeing aircraft.


Bill Severn

50+ Years
Airbus, Boeing

Bill Severn started his aviation career in the US Air Force as an instructor where he served for 20 years. After leaving the Air Force, Bill began his civilian career as a Ground School Instructor that has lasted 30 years and included aircraft such as the B737, B757, B767, B787, L-1011 and A330. During his career he worked as an Instructional Systems Designer for AQP on the B737CL and curriculum developer for an A330 course. Bill worked as a Ground School Instructor for United Airlines and is now a consultant for CPaT where he brings his rich experience and expertise to the Airbus A320 and A330 CBTs as well as CPaT’s library of Boeing CBTs.


Jim Tucker

30+ Years

Jim Tucker started his flying career with a 6-year tour as a Navy pilot flying an S3A of the USS America. After leaving the Navy, Jim started his career as a commercial airline pilot with Braniff Airways flying a Boeing B727. This began a flying career that spanned 3 decades on aircraft ranging from the DC9 to the Boeing B777. After his flying career, Jim joined the staff of United Airlines training center in Houston where he trained B737 pilots until his departure in 2017.. Jim augments CPaT’s staff of experts as a consultant with expertise with the B767, B757, B777, B737, and MD-80.


Juan Jose Estrada Daza

20+ Years

Juan Jose Estrada Daza started his aviation career in the mid-90s flying Fokker 50 airplanes and eventually progressing to B757 and B767 aircraft before making the move to being a ground school instructor for the Fokker 50 and ATR 72. Juan Jose was a part of the team of aviation experts that worked with CPaT to develop the ATR-72 CBT. He continues to provide consulting to CPaT on the ATR 72 program. Juan Jose was just selected for a Captain’s position aboard the A320.


Herman Velasquez 

20+ Years
Currently performing as a leading captain of ATR 72-600 aircraft for Avianca, Colombia. During his stay in Avianca he has also efficiently served as ground instructor for the following aircraft: Fokker 50, Airbus A330 and MFTD Airbus. Hernan started his aviation career as a graduated pilot from the Colombian Air Force where he served for more than 14 years in the following leading assignments: combat pilot in T27-Toucan, instructor of pilots for the Broncos-Ov10 team, and first officer of the AC 47T aircraft. Hernan is currently providing consulting to CPaT on the A330 training program.


Tony Quartano

45+ Years
Tony Quartano started his aviation career as a US Navy pilot where he served the country for 20 years before retiring and going into commercial aviation. For the next 23 years Tony was a pilot for Continental and the United Airlines flying the B737. Since 2014 Tony has been a ground instructor for United Airlines training pilots on the B737. He is currently working with CPaT to maintain and extend the B737NG course library.


Paul McDermott 

45+ Years
Paul attended USAF under graduate pilot training in 1971. His first assignment after pilot training was Forward Air Controller (FAC) flying the OV-10 Bronco in Southeast Asia. He returned to the USA a year later and flew the the KC-135 until 1978. He upgraded to Aircraft Comander, instructor pilot, and Standardization Pilot during those 5 years. He left active duty and was hired by Braniff Airlines in 1978 where he was Flight Engineer and First Officer on the Boeing 727 until 1980. He was hired by the USAF Reserves in 1982 flying the KC-10 tanker until retiring in 1994. During this same period, Paul was hired by Continental Airlines. He was a B-727 Captain for 10 years until cross training to the B-737 where he was a B-737 Captain and Line Check Airman for eleven years until retirement in 2006. Paul was hired as a B737 ground school instructor in 2012 on the B-737 and joined CPaT’s SME consulting team in 2017.


David Little 

30+ Years
General Subjects, Boeing
David Little has 30 years experience with Continental Airlines as a B737 Captain and more than a decade and a half as a member of the flight standards and training team. Dave also has extensive experience in many aviation general subjects. At CPaT, Dave will bring his experience and knowledge to our team working on general subjects and interactive simulations.


Di Johnson 

40+ Years
General Subjects, Boeing
Di Johnson started his aviation career as a US Air Force pilot where he served for 22 years. After retiring form the Air Force, Di joined Continental Airlines as a Ground School Instructor where he worked for over 20 years teaching subjects on regulatory affairs and compliance. At CPaT, Di Johnson works on the general subject portfolio.


Donnie Ericson 

35+ Years
General Subjects
Donnie started his aviation career in 1976 with Continental Airlines. Donnie held positions in all areas of Airport Operations and worked his way up until he was eventually promoted to Managing Director of Airport Operations in Houston, TX. Donnie conducted countless load planning activities for many different airlines and was responsible for Continental’s weight and balance certification system wide. He eventually assumed the role of Senior Manager Flight Operations Technology where he evaluated and brought emerging technology to the Flight Operations group. He retired in 2012 and has joined CPaT as a consultant on CPaT’s General Subjects library.


Ryan Alber 

10+ Years
Embraer, Boeing
Ryan Alber began his aviation career attending Utah Valley University as a student in the Aviation Science-Professional Pilot program, where he completed his flight training, and received a Bachelor of Science degree, graduating at the top of his class in less than 3 years. Ryan was accepted as an intern for United Airlines and quickly thereafter offered a full-time position at United Airlines as a Boeing 737 Ground School Instructor. During his days off he flew on a corporate jet, and excelled in providing excellent customer service to high-end executives. He is currently a line pilot, flying the Embraer 170 type aircraft, under the United Express branded route network with extensive knowledge on the systems of the Embraer 170/190 type, and assists in the curriculum development at CPaT Global.


Cleve Kellum

30+ Years
Boeing, Airbus
Cleve started his aviation career in the US Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. He later trained into a flight engineer position and served a total of 28 years in the military. Cleve has experience on aircraft such as the C-141, C-5, B727, B737, B747, and the A300. After his military retirement, Cleve joined United Airlines as a B737 instructor conducting aircraft systems and procedures training. Cleve joined CPaT in 2017 as a SME consultant.


Andres Lozano Salazar

10+ Years
Andres is a commercial pilot with over 10 years experience on the Airbus fleets.


William Nieto

10+ Years
William is a member of the Colombian Air Force and is currently aiding CPaT with their Embraer 190 project.


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