Key Features of CPaT’s Newest CRJ 700/900 Aircraft Systems Course

CPaT Global recently launched its latest Aircraft Systems course covering the Bombardier CRJ700/900 regional aircraft. Continuing CPaT's strong history of providing the most comprehensive systems training courses in the industry, the course has 117 lessons, including 15 lessons covering FMS Skills, rich with highly-visual graphics to offer a genuinely first-rate learning experience for pilots flying the CRJ700/900 aircraft.

As the industry's leading provider of systems course development for distance learning, CPaT brings together subject matter experts and instructional designers with decades of experience to work closely together, developing unmatched courses for adult learners. With a production team of skilled courseware developers, talented graphic artists, and dedicated quality assurance analysts, the course design emerges as a premium, final distance learning product.

Since CPaT creates all its aircraft systems courses with high-attention to detail, what makes the CRJ700/900 course so special?

The CRJ 700/900 course is the first aircraft systems course built solely on CPaT Invent, an industry-first eLearning authoring tool built specifically for aviation training. Using CPaT Invent, training departments instructing on the CRJ 700/900 aircraft can:

  • Provide Rapid Deployment of Changes. Fleet training departments no longer have to wait weeks or months for a vendor to update and modify a course to meet the operator's needs. The training department can make changes immediately in the course and publish it the same day to their users via CPaT Invent.
  • Align Content to Match Unique Training Culture. In the past, while training departments could break up the lessons in a CPaT course and use them in any sequence within a new course, changes to the lessons were still restricted. Now, a training department can break up the lesson itself and change each page by adding, deleting, or modifying all the elements, using the power of CPaT Invent.
  • Modify for AQP and EBT. Since lessons created in CPaT Invent are fully editable, training departments can now directly make necessary changes to incorporate the insights gained through their AQP or EBT programs. Training departments can change the lesson, add to the lesson, or create new lessons in proactive response to their AQP and EBT data collection.
  • Extend Beyond Pilots. Many MRO and maintenance departments use CPaT Aircraft Systems courses for General Familiarization training. We understand that Maintenance Technicians need more, and CPaT’s courses are designed for use beyond pilots. With CPaT Invent, the CRJ700/900 course, or any Aircraft Systems course, can be changed, extended, or enhanced to cover the specific needs of maintenance training departments. When combined with CPaT Invent's 3D Cockpit and 3D Walk Around Trainers, maintenance training can go beyond General Familiarization.

As training departments utilize this groundbreaking training for the CRJ700/900 and experience CPaT's unparalleled customer service, they will be empowered like never before to train the best pilots in the industry. CPaT Invent powers it all.

Contact us to learn more about our newest Aircraft Systems course and how CPaT Invent can enhance the training journey of your airline or organization.

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