Conversions for Online Pilot Training

Many CPaT clients have valuable company developed courseware that is important to their online pilot training program requirements. The CPaT Learning Management System (LMS) can deliver these online aviation training courses on the same easy to use, multi-platform CPaT Delivery system.

CPaT converts our client’s developed aviation pilot training courses to a trackable web friendly platform creating a full scope aviation eLearning experience. We have the ability to upgrade PowerPoints, PDF’s, Videos, Animations, and even fully developed online aviation courseware into a web friendly platform that can be tracked through the CPaT LMS, and will operate through the CPaT Mobile APP.

CPaT’s LMS also allows clients to convert their existing training materials for delivery across multiple platforms including iPad, PC, and Android devices.

Your courses can be converted to our PRT HTML-5 Technology… breathing NEW LIFE into existing content you have developed.
CPaT can also upgrade graphics, content and audio files for your company-developed courseware. Talk to us today about how we can implement your coursework into our easy-to-use online pilot training platform.