ATR 72/42-600 Courses

ATR 72-600 Initial and Recurrent Training Course

The Modules in this course can be used for both initial and recurrent aircraft systems training.

ATR 72-600 to ATR 42-600 Differences Training

The Modules in this course can be used for Differences Training from the ATR 72-600 to ATR42-600.

ATR 72/42-600 Interactive Aircraft Systems Diagrams

The Interactive Aircraft Systems allows students and instructors to interact with and learn modern, complex aircraft systems in real-time.

FMS Skills Training

FMS Skills Trainer is a keypad emulator ideal for training FMS procedures.

Cockpit Procedures Training

Cockpit Procedures Trainer is a three-dimensional cockpit ideal for triggers and flows training.

Walk Around Training

Walk Around Trainer provides pre-flight checklist walk around training.