Boeing 757-200 to Boeing 767-200/300 Differences Training Course

Course Description

This Boeing 767 CBT Interactive Course is designed as a Systems Knowledge CBT for B757-200 to Boeing 767-200/300 differences. This Boeing 767 CBT provides complete systems training by use of text, audio, graphical animations, and interactive training, providing the highest level of learning. Each module has its own knowledge assessment for evaluating the understanding of the lesson.

General Subject Course ExampleB757-200 to B767-200/300 Differences Training Course Example
B757 to B767 Differences in doors

Platforms And Use

This Boeing CBT course is delivered on the CPaT Access LMS and the CPaT Mobile Application. The CPaT courseware is designed to allow training across multiple devices including PC and Mac computers and Windows, IOS, and Android tablets. Our easy-to-use application allows both online and offline access to training and will synchronize when connectivity is re-established.

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