CPAT Courseware Tailoring

There is nothing more damaging to a productive training event than negative training. Generic courseware that does not reflect your aircraft configuration can cause a lot of confusion and a need for clarification. At CPaT, we tailor our courseware to match your aircraft configuration.

Our experienced subject matter experts will review your specific FCOM and tailor our courseware to match all the major components of your aircraft systems. By tailoring the courseware to match your cockpit configuration, you will increase understanding of the systems to reduce failures and additional training costs. In addition, we brand the courseware with your company logo and colors on the CBT Module title page and the LMS home/log in page. Each frame will feature your airlines branded tail indicating that it has been tailored to match your fleet.

Aircraft Systems Courseware

CPaT offers 3 levels of tailoring for clients:

Standard Tailoring: The CPaT Aircraft Systems Courseware is tailored to match your aircraft’s type and variant, engines and measurements in metric or imperial.

Enhanced Tailoring: The CPaT Aircraft Systems Courseware is tailored to match your aircraft’s FCOM comparing 65 main data points including:

• Aircraft variant/series and passenger/freighter configuration.
• Weights, dimension, and metric/imperial measures in the course.
• Anti-Ice and Rain, Auto Flight, Communications, and Electrical modules updated.
• Engine types, indications and displays.
• Basic navigation equipment.
• Fuel indicators.

Advanced Tailoring: Advanced Tailoring not only offers the CPaT Aircraft Systems Courseware tailored to the same level as the enhanced tailoring package,

but we also provide up to 200 pages of changes to reflect your requested changes or additions to text, as well as changes to audio and graphics.

Aviation Specialty Courseware

Client Changes to Aviation Specialty Courseware: As many aviation specialty courses have requirements that are defined by the operating region or airline SOPs, CPaT allows clients to make changes to our Aviation Specialty Courses. Clients may request to remove slides, add client-created slides or replace CPaT slides with client-created slides from any course module. Client-created slides must be HTML-5 and SCORM 2004 compliant.

CPaT Changes to Aviation Specialty Courseware: CPaT is very aware of the limited resources many of our clients training departments have. Upon request, CPaT can redesign any of its aviation specialty courses per your specific requirement.

 Aviation Specialty Courseware
 Aviation Specialty Course
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