We’re well into the 21st century by now, which means having 21st century solutions to our everyday tasks is an absolute necessity.

Online aviation courses for pilots and commercial airlines present a vital solution that is built not just for the 21st century, but also beyond.

With online aviation courses, also known as distance learning, airlines and their pilots have access to the essential coursework and modules they need no matter where they are — in the air, on the ground, or just about anywhere else that affords them a simple connection to a laptop, tablet, or even smartphone device.

At CPaT Global, we are the world’s leading provider of interactive distance learning courses for the aviation industry. Our innovative learning management system provides in-depth classroom and mobile compatibility, along with 24/7 customer support, which allows you to fully customize and manage your company’s initial and recurrent pilot flight training.

In this blog, we’ll touch on a few of the many advantages of distance learning for pilots. Interested? Contact CPaT Global or shop online today to get started.


A 1999 situational analysis of distance learning on the Internet was performed by Dr. Marvin L. Smith at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University which highlighted some of the key advantages of such a program when compared to a “face-to-face” learning environment.

The first of the identified “strengths” of distance learning during this situational analysis was, of course, access. Even as far back as 1999, the accessibility afforded by online distance learning was a glaring advantage over face-to-face training programs.

That access has only improved ever since. As opposed to classroom learning, which requires a pilot to be in a specific room in a specific place at a specific, non-negotiable time, distance learning affords pilots the opportunity to learn when they choose, wherever they are.

This is particularly true of CPaT Global’s distance learning programs, which are fully developed for PC, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android systems. These programs are available online, providing maximum convenience, but students and trainees can also download the materials in order to work offline.

Automation & Convenience

Simply put, online distance learning programs for the aviation industry are just more convenient — and not just because these programs are easy to use and manage from anywhere.

Because the learning management system is available online, airlines have the ability to easily add subjects and materials, track progress, and store files quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, users can easily sign in and resume their training without having to navigate folders, pencils, or paper, and the interactive online courses help them to learn much more quickly.


A third, but certainly not final, advantage of distance learning for pilots is the fact that it is much more affordable for aviation companies.

Because there is not a physical campus, or highly paid professors, or other prohibitive costs, online distance learning presents an opportunity to train the next wave of pilots just the same, if not better, all while saving upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Learn how to calculate your savings potential with distance learning and visit CPaT.com today to get started on your 21st century airline training solution.