CPaT Announces New Contract with Italian Airline, Luke Air

CPaT Press Releases

CPaT Global, today announced they have been awarded a new contract with Luke Air, operated by Blue Panorama (Luke Air), for initial and recurrent training on the B737NG, and A330 fleets. CPaT will be providing Boeing and Airbus Aircraft Systems courses, CPaT’s General Subjects library and Interactive Diagrams to Luke Air’s training curriculum, which will be used for training pilots. CPaT will also be providing Learning Management System (LMS) licenses to Luke Air’s Cabin Crew, giving them the ability to upload and distribute their own custom-developed Cabin Crew training courseware.

“We look forward to our new partnership with Luke Air,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, CPaT’s Vice President of Sales. “Luke Air is dedicated to providing their pilots with in-depth, interactive and engaging training that allows their pilot and cabin crews to train anytime, anywhere on any device.”

Founded in 1998 and based in Rome, Italy, Blue Panorama airlines operates 32 routes among three countries.

About Luke Air

Blue Panorama Airlines was founded in 1998 in Rome, Italy. An IATA member since 2002, Luke Air today connects 15 Italian cities, occupies a leadership position in the Caribbean and boasts 12 destinations to the Greek Islands, five to the Indian Ocean and another 14 in Europe, Asia and Africa. Blue Panorama Airlines is owned by the Uvet Group since 2017 and is a team of 500 people who have grown over the years around an Enterprise with Italian capitals and an Intercontinental spirit. With the Blu-express brand, it operates in low-cost scheduled connections and is a leader in Albania with 14 connected Italian airports and over 700,000 passengers transported each year. It is also one of the reference companies for Italian holidays in the Mediterranean.

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