CPaT Announces New Distance Learning Contract with Xfly

CPaT Press Releases

CPaT Global today announced they have been awarded a new contract with Xfly for the provision of Aircraft Systems courses for their ATR and CRJ fleets, as well as Cabin Crew courses. The contract also includes Invent, CPaT’s content-design platform.

“CPaT is excited about partnering with Xfly and showcasing our new CRJ Aircraft Systems and Cabin Crew courses. We are committed to ensuring that Xfly has everything they need to advance their aviation distance learning,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales. “CPaT’s robust course library and Invent authoring tool will be instrumental to Xfly's flight training curriculum.”

Xfly is currently based out of Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania with a mission to link people and regions through efficient and sustainable flights.

About Xfly

Xfly was established in 2015 and launched operations in early 2016. They are a subsidiary of the Nordic Aviation Group, which is 100% owned by the Estonian state. Xfly is an independent service provider specializing in regional operations and working on both a short- and long-term basis with commercial European airlines all over the continent. They are efficient, flexible and easy to work with and value trust, adaptability, and a can-do attitude. Not only does Xfly try to be the best it can be for their customers, but they take environmental sustainability responsibility extremely seriously. Aviation and the environment are, and will always be, the biggest challenge for the aviation industry, and Xfly is committed to living up to the promises they make.

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