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How do students get the most out of CPaT’s Distance Learning?

As the most robust, aviation training distance learning provider in the industry, CPaT offers:

  • Unparalleled learning environment
  • Tailored courses to specific fleets, regulatory differences, and more
  • Research-based instructional strategies
  • Detail-rich content
  • Meaningful, interactive practices 

CPaT Global partners with your airline or Airline Training Organization to provide high-quality distance learning that is interactive, highly visual, and spanning a wide variety of content.

CPaT’s Access LMS, offers a simple and easy to use learning interface for both instructors and students. We provide a robust portfolio of Aircraft System courses, Aviation Specialty courses, and Aircraft Procedures training to best meet the needs of your training curriculum.

CPaT’s Distance Learning Solutions, Best Practices:

  • Flexibility – ability to train online and offline, on any device
  • Interactive Diagrams within every course
  • Realistic graphics with scenario-based discussion
  • Wide variety of instruction and courses
  • Personalization of courses with our content-design software, CPaT Invent

When you work with CPaT, we provide you with all the crucial tools for success.

Contact us to learn how we can help you train the next generation of pilots.