New Technologies and Airline Distance Learning

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Technology is central to the future of the aviation industry. If we can expect ground-breaking technology that will advance the future of flight, aviation training technology must also advance so airlines and ATOs can provide realistic training, analyze performance, and support upcoming generations of students and aircraft.

CPaT Global provides smart, practical solutions that bring value to the aviation training industry, with vision for the future. Invent, CPaT’s content-design software, is one of the key contributions we have made to the necessary advancement of the airline training industry. 

Our content-design software, CPaT Invent is a first-of-its-kind, software platform that addresses inherent challenges in the aviation training industry. Because airlines have highly specialized needs ranging from multiple airframes, unique operating procedures, regulatory differences, and the need for ongoing modifications and tailored training programs, existing distance learning training platforms have limitations that fail to meet the needs of individual training providers.

CPaT Invent empowers the trainer like never before, offering on-demand access to efficiently create, modify, and maintain training CPaT’s courseware, or their own. Whether companies need to develop new content or revise existing content, Invent is simple and intuitive unlike alternative, over-engineered training platforms. 

Key Features

  • Create, modify, or maintain CPaT courseware or your courseware
  • Improve safety by enabling specialized training
  • Reinforce important training concepts by uploading reference material, images, video, and illustrations
  • Elevate trainings with CPaT’s library of aviation training imagery and assets
  • Provide instruction in different formats, including: 2-D (Aircraft Systems and Aviation Specialty Courses), keypad (FMS Skills), 3-D (Cockpit Procedures and Walk Around Training), and Virtual Reality
  • Enhance text and audio, including modification, alternative versions, and multi-language

CPaT Invent is continuously improved by our team of aviation experts, instructional designers, and software engineers to take aviation training to the next level.

Contact us for more information on how CPaT Invent can take your training needs to the next level.

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