Boeing 737 MAX Update: Recovered and Getting Better Every Day

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After being grounded for 20 months, the Boeing 737 MAX has come back stronger than ever. The grounding was lifted in November 2020 after software and training updates. Since the ungrounding and travel almost back to normal after the pandemic, Boeing has had a strong increase in demand for the 737 MAX. This became prevalent specifically at the Farnborough Airshow, with Boeing receiving the most plane orders than any other manufacturer.

It may seem obvious that with new planes, the need for pilots and cabin crew grows. With new pilots and cabin crew, the need for training grows. And while there are many options for flight training, distance learning courses offer the flexibility and freedom of learning while reducing overall training costs. At CPaT, we are the world’s leading provider in distance learning solutions providing over 100 Aircraft System courses, Interactive Diagram courses, and Aircraft Procedural training across 27 fleets.

Currently, we are the only distance learning provider that provides CBT for the ungrounded B737 MAX aircraft other than Boeing itself. Our Boeing 737 MAX courses are designed as a systems knowledge CBT for both initial and recurrent training. This course provides complete systems training by use of text, audio, graphic animations, and interactive training, providing the highest level of learning. Each module contains knowledge assessments that evaluate the understanding of the B737 type rating lesson. In addition to the full systems course, we also provide B737 MAX training on FMS Skills, 3D Cockpit, and 3D Walk around procedures.

Additionally, we provide Boeing aviation courses for most of their other fleets such as the 737NG, 747, 757, etc. With access to our training content across multiple devices including PC and Mac computers and Windows, IOS, and Android tablets. Our easy-to-use application allows both online and offline, offering a more convenient and productive way to study.

Empower your training journey with CPaT Global and contact us to discover solutions for your airline or training organization. If you would like to purchase individual pilot training, please shop now by clicking here.

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