Pricavy and GDPR Compliance

Airlines today are facing numerous complex compliance requirements. The European Union (EU) is leading the charge with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR requires compliance across every department of an airline, including training. Many types of biometric identification systems, including facial recognition, retinal and fingerprint scanning, create large volumes of sensitive personal information, which would create untold damage if breached.

Given the current landscape of cybercrime, with organizations repeatedly breached despite adopting best practices, most airlines see biometric systems as simply too big a risk. But with I-Check’s behavioral biometric technology, no useful identifiable personal data is collected. The student is identified by their typing pattern of a specific phrase. I-Check examines the way students type and interact with the keyboard device, including metrics such as key press and release times. A typing pattern is an abstract numeric representation of typing behavior that cannot be directly associated with the person who generated it. So, the student’s identity stays with the person, protecting privacy. I-Check provides your airline with a student verification system that is secure and GDPR compliant.