CPaT Announces New Contract with Alt. Academy

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Houston, Texas USA – CPaT Global today announced they have been awarded a new contract with Alt. Academy. CPaT will be providing Alt. Academy with Boeing B737 NGAirbus 320 CEO, and Airbus A320 NEO pilot Aircraft System courses as well as our complete Aircraft Procedure Suite for each fleet. 

“CPaT is excited about our partnership with Alt. Academy for provision of their aviation distance learning,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales. “With our comprehensive pilot Aircraft System courses, as well as our complete Aircraft Procedure Suite, we are confident in equipping Alt. Academy with the tools they need to excel in their training programs and prepare their pilots for success in the industry.”

CEO Ryan Wijk at Alt. Academy: “Our goal is to establish and improve an academy that meets world-class standards, this goal shapes everything we do. We strive for uncompromising professionalism and foster an environment that promotes collaboration, inclusivity, mutual respect, and support – We are delighted to have joined forces with the CPaT family to help us realise these goals.”

Alt. Academy is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. 

About Alt. Academy

Alt. Academy is a holding company, supporting the Private Education sector in Southern Africa consisting of Alt. Academy, EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College. Through these institutions, we offer many accredited programs ranging from Airline pilot training for Boeing and Airbus, Cabin Crew licensing to National Certificates and short courses. 

At Alt. Academy, we believe that any industry is only as good as the next generation of dreamers, achievers, and highflyers that it produces. Which is why, through our three prestigious institutions, we’ve dedicated ourselves to training, nurturing, and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Alt. Academy is a leading South African aviation training institution. We have combined educational expertise with industry know-how to offer comprehensive, world-leading instruction and practical experience.

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