All CPaT Global Distance Learning Courseware is designed to comply with FAA, EASA, ICAO, and Transport Canada regulatory guidelines concerning aircraft systems training.  CPaT courses are also developed in compliance with IOSA standards. Specifically, CPaT’s courseware complies with the following regulations:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):
    • FAR 121.419 Subpart N, Paragraph (a)(2)(i-v)
    • FAR 121.418 Paragraph (a)
    • FAR 135.345 Subpart H, Paragraph (b)(1-5)
    • FAR 135.341 Paragraph (b)(4)
    • FAR 142.81
    • FAA Order 8900.1 Vol. 3, Ch. 19, Sec. 5, sub. 3-1209
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): AMC1 FCL.725(a)
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO): Approved by Country DGCA Regulations
  • Transport Canada: Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Standard 421 and AC 604-004

Additionally, CPaT uses aircraft manufacturer licensed data in developing its distance learning courses where applicable. Licensed manufacturer data provides CPaT and its subject matter experts with source documents and manuals from which all approved Aircraft Flight Manuals are derived. The information contained within a manufacturer’s manuals include all available options from which airlines choose to equip their fleets. Licensed information also provides CPaT material that is the most current and correct. While airlines can deviate from manufacturer manuals, they are still required to receive approval from the manufacturer that the deviated material meets factory specifications and aviation safety regulations.


All CPaT products are regularly tested and designed to ensure that all course material successfully launches and tracks on the supported browsers and mobile platforms. Operating Systems tested include Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android OS along with the browsers Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox. The CPaT Learning Management System and Mobile Applications are routinely tested several times a week and are tested anytime an update or new version of an operating system is announced and released. To maintain CPaT course accessibility for pilots in training, our 24/7 support includes escalation processes to ensure if a client user has accessibility issues or application functionality issues. At that point, the software engineering team is notified and able to address any problems that arise.